Home Security

Different Types of Home Alarm Systems

Do you know how unsafe your house can be without a security system? According to the reports, burglars are 300 percent more inclined towards properties that do not have an electronic alarm system.

If you are looking for a new system or want to upgrade the existing one, then you should know the available categories.

So, let’s discuss some of the common types of home security systems and how they work.

Different Types of Home Security Systems

let’s checkout what are the different types of security systems that you can utilize for your home security.

Electric Current Alarm System

The most basic type of home security that uses a low voltage current to operate. Electric current alarm systems are generally configured on the main entrance and windows.

When the door is shut, the current completes the circuit. If the door is open, the circuit will not be completed and the system will raise an alarm to notify you about the breach.


Wired Alarm System

The next level of the home security systems uses a telephone line to inform the monitoring company about the breach.

However, such a mechanism fails if the intruders damage the telephone lines.

So, you can use a GSM home security system (check top products in UK for better understanding) that uses a cell phone network to communicate with the monitoring company.


Wireless Home Alarm System

As you can guess, wireless alarm systems use several sensors and a control panel to function.

Once the sensor or security camera detects an intrusion, it informs the control panel that turns on a high volume alarm. Such security systems allow remote monitoring via smartphone.

You can also integrate it with the existing smart home devices.


Monitored Home Alarm System

What if someone looks after your house 24 by 7?

Well, home security companies offered a monitored protection system for your house wherein their security experts will inform the police and medics team in case of any intrusion.

It happens because a monitored home security system notifies you as well as the company security support staff.


Such a system triggers an alarm in case someone opens the door when it’s armed. The high decibel sound can activate in case the system detects unauthorized movement in or around your property.


UnMonitored Home Alarm System

Another electronic home security system that can activate an alarm in case of an intrusion and send you a text message as well.

However, such a system will not inform the monitoring company or any other emergency contact.

So, if you are away from the house then you need to depend upon the neighbors to stop the security breach. You can also contact the local police station, but that’s only possible if you are on the mobile’s network.

Unmonitored home alarm systems are comparatively budget-friendly because you don’t have to pay for the monthly or annual professional monitoring.

However, the level of security provided by such a system is inferior.

Conclusion: Are you aware of the fact that almost 2.5 million home intrusions occur every year?

So, it’s better if you install a home security solution. If you have a family with kids, then it’s recommended that you try the monitored system for maximum safety.